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Garage Door Repair

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Just like with your gate – there are so many things (some say even more) that could go wrong with your garage door. No matter what the problem is – no worries! Our team is at your service.

Common Accidents & Door Off Track

Homeowners usually call us to have the damaged panels repaired or replaced after backing up into a closed door. What many people are unaware of is the fact that other components might have sustained damage as well. More often than not, the impact will cause the tracks to bend and make the door become unbalanced. If this problem is left unresolved, it will cause the premature failing of door components. True professionals such as the technicians in our team will make sure to inspect the whole system and deal with those issues before moving on to the aesthetic part of the job.

Door Opener Repair

Some of the problems our customers have with their units are pretty much straightforward and can be resolved by reprogramming or adjusting the travel and force limits. Some have even simpler solutions - changing the batteries in the remote or making sure the antenna is correctly positioned. After we’ve dismissed the usual culprits, we’ll check the circuit board, wiring, fuse, etc. Yes, our technicians will try the least expensive solutions to the problem and try to save you money where possible, but they will never offer you half-baked fixes because with us, safety always comes first.

When a Spring Snaps

A visible gap in the spring is a sure sign it’s beyond repair and needs to be replaced. But if the door is crooked or fails to open, that can also mean spring replacement. Since these components are under constant tension and can cause serious harm to you and your property, the advice we give to all our customers is to stop operating the system and call professionals ASAP. Our professionals have proper tools and will follow all safety precautions in order to protect you and your home against any damage and injury.

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