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Gate Repair

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Whenever you have a problem with your gate, our technicians are ready to take care of the issue as quickly and professionally as possible. And, when you need answers to many questions about keeping your gate in perfect condition, take a look at our informative FAQ section below.

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Are wooden or metal gates a better option?

To a certain extent, this is up to your own tastes and ideas. However, there a few points to consider when making this decision. Traditional wooden gates are beautiful in a rustic way and will add a dramatic factor to your property. This beauty will come at a price though as wood requires more maintenance and is more expensive than metal. Metal gates will give you a clean and more modern finish, and are cheaper than their wooden counterparts.

How far away can I be for the remote to work for the gate?

This distance can range anywhere between 30 meters and 80 meters. This ensures that you will be able to operate the gate from the safety of your car while you’re still driving up to your property. This distance will also allow you to open or close the gate easily and conveniently from inside your property. This offers added security, especially if you’re pulling into your driveway on a dark and gloomy night.