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Gate Repair North Richland Hills

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Gate Repair North Richland Hills

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Gate Repair North Richland Hills is a business that is fully committed to helping people who are dealing with the problem of having a faulty driveway gate. The performance of a gate can decline with time, but there is no reason for you to be overly concerned. We are here to provide you with some of the most attractive and cost-effective solutions that will prove to be of great value to you. Our technicians are the leading experts in taking care of both minor and major defects in a residential gate. Rest assured, you will find our service to be the best in Texas.

At Gate Repair North Richland Hills , we believe that clients deserve to be thoroughly satisfied after a repair job. Client satisfaction and approval has been our goal from day one, which is why all our solutions are designed to meet the specific requirements of individual homeowners. We can guarantee you consistency in quality and timely completion of projects. We do not aim for quick fixes. Rather, we focus on providing our clients with long term solutions and giving them absolutely no reason to complain.

In the years that we have been in operation, the primary vision has always been to establish ourselves as a reliable and affordable service provider for people who are really concerned about getting locked in or out of their homes. We take great pride in the professionalism with which we conduct our business. The years of experience possessed by our trained technicians is the recipe to our success along with their incredible dedication and productivity which ensures that clients get exactly what they pay for.

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Gate Services

Automatic Gate

User-assisted customizations, professional repair solutions, popular local and international brands, and miscellaneous maintenance services – we offer everything. We are one of the most reputed gate companies in Texas. Call us now!

Gate Repair Services

We are a gate company that specializes in repairing of all major and minor parts such as intercom systems, hinges, drop bolts, openers, railings, and wheels to name a few.

Residential Gate

Our company is here to assist you with installation, maintenance and repair tasks for your residential gates, so give us a call today for more information.


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Flawless Gate Alignment

Your residential gate is exposed to outdoor conditions 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. Therefore, it is completely normal for the object to depreciate in value and quality. Sometimes, a simple alignment is all that is needed to restore its original movement and fluidity. An alignment should only be handled by the most experienced hands, which is why our technicians are perfect for this particular task.

Replacing Old Gates with New Ones

There are times when you need to think beyond a repair service, especially when the entrance to your home has remained unchanged for several years. At Gate Repair North Richland Hills, we have professionals who can carry out complete gate replacements. The old item is replaced with a modern, technologically advanced and visually appealing new product that could be made of wood iron or wrought iron. If you prefer, we could actually arrange for a custom made gate to give your residence a brand new look.

Making the Intercom Useful Again

The last thing you want to do is waste the investment that you have made on an intercom system. If it malfunctions, do not leave it unattended. Get professional help to fix your intercom. When the intercom is not working, your residence gets exposed to a greater risk of a security breach. The intercom is an integral part of the overall security system at your abode. Hence, the smart option for you is to let our professionals repair the intercom system and get it working again as soon as you detect a problem with it.

Swift Opener Repair Service

Our team does not believe in delays. If you are encountering a major problem, we will do our very best to get it solved as soon as possible. This is evident in our swift opener repair service. The opener contains a receiver that uses the signal from a transmitter to activate a circuit. This circuit is what initiates the movement of the gate. Even a minor flaw in this slightly complex system can make it difficult for you to get in or out of the house. Our professionals rely on their amazing expertise to fix any problem related to the opener in a short period of time.

Dependable Hinge Welding Repair

The hinge is a part of the gate that may go unnoticed. If there’s a problem with it, an amateur troubleshooter will struggle to get to the bottom of it. This is why it is wise for homeowners to contact Gate Repair North Richland Hills and have our technicians carry out the tricky task of fixing the hinge related problems.

Gate Repair North Richland Hills Is a Call Away from Fixing Your Gate

Not paying attention to the problems with your gate will not make them go away. There has to come a time when you finally address them. And when you do, we would like to be there beside you to help you solve the problem as efficiently as possible.

Call us today and our technicians with their range of exclusive services will be on their way for assistance.





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“I own a few properties and all of them have electric driveway gates. I used your services recently when the gate of one of my houses refused to open and close, and I was really impressed with your great service!”

Troy Adams

Fast Service

“For the past few days, my main gate has stopped functioning. I knew something was wrong and I called up your company. I was told that the gate needs a hinge welding repair. Your technician was really serious about the work and had high standards of the work done properly. The job was done right the first time and even finished on time. I appreciate it a lot.”

Vernon Jackson

Custom Made Gate

 “My wife and I are completely satisfied with the new gate that was installed in front of our house. The old gate was already rusted. The craftsmanship was excellent, and the job was completed in the promised timeframe.”

Stephen Harris

Trustworthy Company

“It was really nice of you to take such care in order to not damage the property during construction, complete the project on time, and to do an amazing job of removing the debris and clean-up after the job was done. It was a professional job from start to finish I would highly recommend your services particularly because of your professionalism, and dependability.”

Paul Williams